Bakı Polimer İstehsalat

Sizə yüksək keyfiyyətli streç filmlər, qida streç filmləri, şrink film, kassa lentləri, tərəzi və barkod etiketləri, müayinə əlcəkləri (laketks, nitril , vinil) , paketlər, skotç-yapışqan bantlar, kağız stokçlar təklif edirik.

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"Baku Polymer Production" LLC is one of the leading companies providing services to food, non-food products manufacturers and retail chains. For 20 years of successful work as a reliable partner, the company has won recognition in business, established stable business relationships and formed a professional team. And, most importantly, it is the guarantor of successful work in trade, production and services. We have always developed and developed in accordance with the needs of our clients. Honesty, consistency, search for the best solutions for the client, timely fulfillment of the undertaken obligations - all these are the distinctive features of our company.

Today "Baku Polymer Production" LLC has a successful and long-term experience of cooperation, being a distributor of more than 15 different companies in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and China. Regardless of the volume and complexity of the work, she has established herself as a reliable and responsible partner. We are always open to new projects and suggestions. The most important and basic principles of the company are professionalism and efficiency. All activities of the company are aimed at meeting customer requirements.  "Baku Polymer Production" helps to increase the profitability and efficiency of its work by offering customers new modern packaging solutions.